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1 - Company Law and Business Solutions

“We provide a comprehensive range of services related to company law and compliance, covering matters such as company rights, obligations, adherence to company and tax laws, competition protection, insurance, and corporate governance, among other laws and regulations that govern business operations in Egypt.

Additionally, we offer consultancy and services pertaining to company formation, modification, and establishment, particularly for those operating in sectors such as communications, training, real estate investment, electronic payments, shipping, transportation, information technology, e-commerce, and sports companies. Moreover, we extend our services to include assisting in obtaining operating licenses for clubs, fitness centers, health clubs, sports marketing, and more.

Our services encompass assistance in stock listing, delisting, regulatory amendments, executing employee stock option plans, and merger and acquisition operations.”

2 - Contracts and Agreements

“For years, our Z LEGAL team has been analyzing contracts and building a smart portfolio of technological tools to assist clients in addressing a diverse range of contract management challenges. This includes negotiating and executing high volumes of low-risk agreements, conducting diligence to support corporate transactions, identifying supply chain risk attributes, providing contract portfolio oversight as a reaction to major macroeconomic changes, and data privacy regulations.

Our capabilities are designed to equip clients with a comprehensive set of services to support contract analytics. These include organizational tools for preparing contract materials for analysis, automated contract review platforms with AI and machine learning capabilities for data extraction, and a wide array of professional information tools and databases to capture data and deliver actionable insights and reports to clients. Our team of legal analysts, technologists, data scientists, and engineers design tailored workflows and the appropriate technology stack to achieve contract management goals or analytics for each client.

Advisory services include:

  • Due diligence strategy and planning.
  • Impact of new laws and regulations resulting from macroeconomic developments.
  • Contract review handbooks and best practices to streamline ongoing negotiation of common contracts.

Various contract review templates and techniques, such as:

  • Commercial franchising agreements.
  • Civil and commercial contracts.
  • Smart contracts and modern technology.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Partnership agreements, investment agreements, and non-disclosure agreements.”

3 - Litigation and Trial

“We are litigators, and we play to win. At every stage of litigation, regardless of the location or dispute nature, ZLEGAL’s team assembles a constellation of litigation stars tailored to the appropriate skill and experience to fight in the courtroom arena.

Commercial Litigation:

Our litigation practice at ZLEGAL is fortified with prominent lawyers. At the outset of any dispute or investigation, we collaborate with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their businesses and litigation goals, working closely with in-house legal and operational teams to achieve these objectives with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We prefer a team-oriented approach with our clients, keeping them informed and engaged throughout the litigation process and dispute resolution. From the moment our clients find themselves in a legal dispute, our lawyers focus not only on the next deadline but on the optimal path to achieving a positive resolution that truly serves our clients’ interests.

When disputes cannot be resolved without litigation, we approach the case with a results-oriented approach designed to achieve victory or favorable settlement efficiently and swiftly. Often, our teams combine the top trial skills and broad multidisciplinary business, regulatory, and legal expertise underlying the litigation, allowing us to execute a tailored strategic path to success. Wherever appropriate,

Civil Litigation and State Council:

We provide our services to clients in all civil disputes, including compensation claims, annulments, cancellations, claims, contract disputes, agreements and their enforcement, leases, mortgages, sales, State Council claims, etc.

Labor Litigation:

We address workplace challenges by understanding our clients’ businesses and the unique regulatory and competitive pressures they face. Our deep industry knowledge is particularly strong in financial services, technology, energy, healthcare, retail, pharmaceuticals, transportation, defense, food, hospitality, insurance, and manufacturing. We proactively identify risks and develop strategies and solutions to help employers avoid litigation and other employee disputes, including those involving unions or organizing campaigns.

Criminal Litigation:

We represent our clients in criminal matters, particularly those related to cybersecurity, cybercrime, defamation, libel, slander, electronic extortion, and consumer protection device-related offenses, and personal data protection law.”

4 - Intellectual Property and Patents

We live and breathe IP. We are ready to tackle your intellectual property problems wherever and however they arise.

We provide advice and services related to intellectual property rights and copyright, in addition to trademark registration, franchising agreements, intellectual property rights, and patents.

We offer a range of IP services, including the following:

  • Drafting patents and litigations
  • Trademark consultations, copyright, and portfolio management
  • Post-grant procedures and other administrative actions before patent and trademark offices
  • Licensing, technology transfer, and other transactions
  • Addressing intellectual property issues in corporate transactions.

5 - Construction and Real Estate Investment

Zlegalโ€™s Real Estate Practice guides clients through complex and high-stakes real estate transactions of all kinds, everywhere. We regularly advise a full spectrum of market participants, including investors from both public and private sectors, private equity, institutional investors, developers, financial institutions, and alternative lenders.

We rely on controls across the Zlegal platform to efficiently serve clients in the real estate industry and execute their transactions. Our client teams draw resources from across the firm to smoothly advise on every aspect of a real estate deal, from start to finish.

Our capabilities span a full range of multi-disciplinary real estate transactions, from large-scale acquisitions, dispositions, and developments to corporate and finance-related matters. This includes mergers and acquisitions for companies, joint ventures, and public offerings. We also provide guidance on all elements of transaction financing, including construction financing, mortgage financing, mezzanine financing, securitization, warehouse facilities, loan-on-loan transactions, and mortgage loan portfolio servicing and financing.

6 - Legal Corporate Management

We provide legal services to companies and institutions in relation to labor, insurance, tax matters, as well as drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements, and preparing the necessary documents to manage and operate the establishment.

7 - Government Relations, Operating Licenses, and Foreigners' Residency

We provide diverse advisory and services related to the permits and licenses required for project operation and management, as well as documentation and real estate registration. Additionally, we offer our services concerning obtaining work permits, residency permits, and investment licenses.

8 - Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers, acquisitions, and liquidations are catalysts for business transformation. Our attorneys assist you in managing this change. Through forward-thinking advice, we guide you through the risks of the deal and the opportunities that extend beyond closure.

Our steadfast focus on client objectives, coupled with extensive transactional experience, allows us to anticipate potential challenges and work through them for any specific transaction. We develop effective solutions for these challenges in an ever-changing environment. We help clients address shareholder activism, navigate and overcome antitrust challenges, and maneuver through dynamic regulatory systems to achieve their most ambitious business goals. We offer clients a full range of advisory services, including boardroom counseling, capital markets, environmental, social, and corporate governance, leveraged finance, and tax-related consultations.

9 - Bankruptcy, Restructuring, and Insolvency

The Z Legal team specializing in bankruptcy, restructuring, and insolvency offers strategic and innovative solutions to address issues arising from distressed investments and loans worldwide. We provide a comprehensive service for bankruptcy and restructuring with dedicated teams for traditional restructuring, documentation across all transactions, and, when necessary, bankruptcy litigation.

Our services cover a wide range of industries, including financial services, insurance, energy, retail, travel, automotive, telecommunications, infrastructure, technology, healthcare, aviation, real estate, shipping, manufacturing, and finance.

10 - Cybersecurity and Privacy Practices

Our cybersecurity and data privacy practice group focuses on cutting-edge businesses and the technological and legal issues related to network and data security and privacy. We represent clients in investigations and crisis response for data breach incidents, litigation, government relations, consultations, and transactions.

Our services encompass various regulations, including:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union
  • Egyptian Personal Data Protection Law No. 151 of 2020
  • Chinese Cybersecurity Law

Our expertise includes:

  • Acting as trial counsel in consumer class actions related to data breaches and misuse of personal information, including alleged unfair or deceptive business practices resulting in the loss of personal information.
  • Advising private equity sponsors and other buyers on transactions that may be impacted by data security incidents affecting the sale of the company.
  • Advising companies, officers, and boards on cyberattacks and working with them in crisis response and internal investigations.

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